Campaign and Contest



At Fielder's Derby, we are a lifestyle clothing brand that focuses on enjoying life to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, the joys of life can be inhibited by the events that none of us plan for or deserve. One of these pains of life is cancer, and we want to kick cancer's ass. Nearly all of us have had to see a loved one experience the tough times of fighting cancer. For us, it was one of our founders whose mother was luckily enough to win the battle against cancer. Unfortunately for others this is not always the outcome.

Our campaign #KickCancersAss is dedicated to all of those out there who have fought or are currently fighting this evil illness. As a way to help, 10% of all sales from now through the end of October will go directly to cancer research.  Not satisfied?  Use the promo code at checkout "#kickcancersass" to receive free shipping on any order you make during the same period. (Insert infomercial voice) But wait, there's more!  Our founder Dan Cosgrove will be running in the Chicago Marathon on October 9th -- if he doesn't run under 3:05 (~7 minutes per mile) AND qualify for the Boston Marathon -- then you will get a second shirt for free.  Full disclosure: He has never run this fast in his life and we're pretty sure he doesn't fully comprehend how a marathon actually works (you have a decent shot at winning a second shirt).   


Dan after one of his recent training regimens, he's not doing well.                                      


So why you should buy and what will you get?
  1. We all hate cancer. Your purchase will go directly to breast cancer research
  2. Use the code "#kickcancersass" at checkout for free shipping
  3. Receive a second shirt for free* if our founder mentioned above doesn't run below 3:05 in the Chicago Marathon on October 9th AND qualify for the Boston Marathon


When you make your purchase please let us know who you are doing this in memory of so that we can share in the honor of representing that person.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly via email at Fieldersderby@gmail.com

Thanks for your consideration, together let's #kickcancersass


*Shirt must be purchased before the start of the marathon on 10/9/16 to qualify.  We will reach out to you directly for your second shirt if you win the contest