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I love cool designs and shirts that are built for comfort.  What you see here is the result of those two simple concepts.

The name Fielder's Derby is a homage to the infield of the Kentucky Derby.  The company is the infielder's perspective, it's their Fielder's Derby.

When I started Fielder’s Derby, I simply wanted to make cool shirts.  I didn’t care what it was to some extent, just that they were original.  The first shirt I designed I laid in my bed one night and sketched what came to be my first design, Sharks & Skis (it’s pretty hilarious looking back at this).  

This was drawn in PowerPoint on an old laptop

Honestly, I still don’t know if I completely understand how I came up with it but just that I wanted something that had things on it I was interested in. I loved Skiing, and Sharks seemed like a badass creature to paste next to it, that was pretty much it.  Since then I’ve evolved to make other designs in a similar vein, but have started exploring other prints that also seemed cool to me. I enjoy it and I am having fun, so there’s that.

I hope you enjoy them too, and hope you come along for the ride.