About Us

Why did we create a shirt company with random designs peppered all over a short sleeve button down?  Good question, let's explore.

About Us:
Although only a year old, Fielder's Derby was created in our minds much earlier than 2015.  Our love for Aloha shirts and the relaxed nature of them developed over many years.  This idea started when we would get groups of friends to all rock Aloha/ Hawaiian shirts when we went out for the night on the weekends.  It started as just a few of us simply trying to stick out and show that we could have fun regardless what we wore, and ended up developing into something much larger.  This hobby got to the point that so many of our friends were wearing Hawaiian shirts out that people would begin to ask what the occasion was, we didn't really have a short answer -- but from here -- we knew we had something special. Fielder's Derby was created because at the time, there was no other company making shirts like ours, the Aloha shirt market was dominated by the big names, and everything looked the same with floral designs and island prints.  We wanted more erratic and different designs, designs that people in the lower 48 could relate to.  
From here it was easy, we mocked up what became our first, and to this day most popular design, 'Sharks and Skis'.  We chose to name the company after something we were all familiar with, and which exuded the mindset we were trying to portray...the infield of the Kentucky Derby.  If you've been, you can recall -- or maybe not -- the giant party in the middle of the worlds greatest horse race. Fielder's Derby is an infielder's perspective of the race.  Through our designs we hope to convey this mentality; one of having a good time while not taking ourselves too seriously.
We invite you to wear our shirts.
With them, we ensure you that the Infielder's spirit will follow.
Please wear responsibly, and remember to live life #infield.
-Fielder's Derby
Little did we know at the time, skiing is very difficult during the summer
"Ahh yes, this is shirt has given me a much greater appreciation for this masterpiece."