Fielder's Derby State of the Union

Not all is bad in the world. Actually, everything is quite the opposite here at Fielder’s Derby. We have been having a hell of a time. This is what we have been up to in the last year and a half:

We have traveled all over the place:

  • Tuscaloosa, AL (Bama/LSU game 2015) and Baton Rouge, LA (Bama/LSU game 2016): yea, we made this pilgrimage a tradition and we recommend everyone to do the same.
  • New Orleans and Vegas: the occasional break from reality is always nice.
  • Killington, VT: we perfectly planned this trip on the coldest weekend of the year. When it is -20 degrees, your hair turns to frost when you are sitting outside in a hot tub.
  • Martinique: this little French island in the Caribbean is pretty damn beautiful. Those tropical pictures on our homepage are from there. Quick tip: Norwegian Airlines has cheap—under $200—roundtrip flights from Boston and NYC to Fort-de-France, Martinique. Brush up on your French and we will likely see you down there next year.
  • Croatia for this music festival , Italy, Greece, and of course, Egypt.
  • Cincinnati and Columbus. We must pay homage to Ohio at least once a year. It is the beautiful state that bred us.
  • Clemson, South Bend, and Chapel Hill: man, these college towns are fun.
  • Narraganset, RI: everyone should check out the Ocean Mist. This is where you want to be on a Saturday morning in the middle of the summer: sitting out on the deck, watching the ferries go out to Block Island, sipping on a spicy bloody mary, salivating as you wait for your Crabby Benny to arrive.
  • Chicago to run a marathon. Some people run marathons in 3 hours, others in 6.
  • NYC, Tahoe, SF, Kansas City to name a few more

We created three iterations of our shirts and we came out with these funky designs:

Send us feedback on our shirts and send us design ideas here .

We talked with the press:

We even made some koozies and t-shirts.

And we raised money for a great cause

The #KickCancersAss campaign was our greatest accomplishment this year. With #KickCancersAss success, we plan to run campaigns like this again. As you can see, we are having a great time and we would love to share the fun with those in need.

Stay excited. Stay positive. Be bold. Live infield.

Fielder’s Derby

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