Why #Infield?


We keep getting a question from friends, family, and fans of the company as to why the slogan "Live Life #Infield." So if you have this question do not fear, because even those that have raised us our entire life still don’t get what the hell we really mean. In efforts to appease the masses here is what we mean by #infield.


#Infield is where a person finds their most joy, passion, and love of life. It can be the awesome party at the #infield of the Kentucky Derby, a relaxing day on the lake with your friends while you fish, or a lazy Sunday with your family on the patio.


It does not physically mean we want you to live in a field (unless you are in to that) or to hang out in the infield of a baseball diamond, because let's be honest that could get pretty boring unless you are allowed to hide a beer behind the base during your company softball game.


So now when you wear these shirts you will know to find your #infield, whatever that may be.


And if the explanation above does not satisfy your question, then I recommend just listening to this gem about the #infield.

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