Fielder's Derby was created long before this website went up.  It was created in the mind of a few friends and their common mindset that Hawaiian shirts were meant to be more than our fathers old decorative clothing, and more fun, spontaneous.

Why must every Hawaiian shirt these days be decorated with the same, palms, flowers, and hula girls?  Nothing wrong with any of these, but we would like to think others feel the same as us.  We aimed to design a shirt more random than this, something our generation can relate to.

A Fielder's Derby is the wild time that is the infield of the Kentucky Derby.  It is also anywhere else besides the derby that represents the spontaneity, party, or good time felt by those participants. 

We don't take life too seriously and neither should you. Put on a shirt, hit the beach, go tips down in the snow. Never look back, and remember to live life #infield.

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